May Favorites!

Hey guys! These are some of my favorite items this month.


I really like burning a candle every now and then when I’m working in my room because it’s relaxing and it makes the room smell great! These are two scents that I got from Bath and Body Works. They’re small because I like to try new ones, but they last a pretty long time! The Mango Shores candle has more of a tropical scent, while the Marshmallow Pop smells sweet.


As you probably know, contouring is HUGE right now. This is a highlighter that I bought recently from TopShop. It’s in the color Glow Dust. It’s gold and very shimmery and is perfect to intensify any summer look.


These are wireless earphones that I got from BestBuy. They’re the brand Jabra. They’re a little pricey, but they’re super easy to use and work with any device that has Bluetooth. I highly recommend them for athletes because you can do your workout without having to worry about a lot of wires and the buds falling out.


This is a chair I got from Target. I actually bought it for my dorm room but it didn’t end up fitting, so I keep it in my room at home. It’s blue, which I love, and super comfortable. It’s great for when you just want to hang out and read.

may favorites

I like to end my favorites with music, so this is the new album The Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper. Check it out!

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