Get My Dorm Look!

2016-06-01 22.21.28

My dorm room Freshman year! I went with a lot of black and gold for my wall decorations, and purple and blue for my bed (two of my favorite colors). I had a white board that I used to write reminders down, but I ended up putting it at my desk. If you’re living in a dorm, there’s not a ton of room so don’t buy too many things that would take up floor space. Decorating your room is a great way to feel at home when you’re away at school and also a great way to show your personality!  All of the wall decorations came from Francesca’s, as well as the “Dorm Sweet Dorm” pillow. The white board, big blue pillow, and fuzzy blue blanket came from Target. Links below!

Shop Back to College: Target

Francesca’s Home Decorations

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