Rompers Rompers Rompers

Rompers have been huge this summer, and I love it. These are three of my favorites. The thing that’s great about rompers is all you have to do is throw one on and pick some sandals and you’re set! Screenshot_2016-07-19-15-33-58

This is my favorite romper of all time! It’s from American Eagle. If you’re looking for rompers, they really have a lot. I love that it’s off the shoulder, and the long sleeves are really cool. It’s really light and loose. I love the two patterns the rompers uses. I love that it’s tighter around the waist. The length is so perfect, and you can dress it up or dress it down depending on the shoes you wear.


This romper is from Macy’s. The colors are very bright, and I love the funky tribal print.

Screenshot_2016-07-19-15-27-01 (1)

This romper is from Macy’s as well. I love how casual it is, and the pattern around the neckline give it a beachy feel, even though the romper is black.



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