Ombré Hair in 5 Minutes!

Yesterday I tried Temporary Color Highlight Spray from Streaks N Tips. I wanted to change up my hair without dying it. It worked really well! If your hair is black, you have to use blonde or lighter in order for it to show up. I used golden blonde. You have to shake the bottle really well and hold the bottle about a foot away, using short bursts. The more you use, the bolder the color comes out. If you want to ombre your hair, use more as you get towards the bottom. It’s so quick and easy. It is very temporary, so if you want something long term you wouldn’t want to use this. I would also recommend doing it outside just to make sure it doesn’t get everywhere. It does stiffen your hair. Besides that, I love it!  It turns out looking great, and it’s easy to do without the damage. It was about $6.


The first image is the original color of my hair. The second is the color on the bottom after using the spray. Hope this helps!

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