Halloween “Costumes” for College

Halloween’s in a week, and you’re on a college budget. Now what? Don’t worry. You don’t have to put down $100 on a sexy outfit to look cute. Here’s some costume ideas that take minimal effort and are still insta worthy



This is what I was for halloween last year. I wore a striped crop top from forever 21, borrowed my friend’s whistle, and wore high socks. Referees usually wear a hat too.



A robe can be kind of hard too find, but if you have one or can get one easily, you’re golden. All you have to do is wear athletic clothes. It’s cute to wear your hair in two braids for this  one, and rap your hands like boxers do. You can wear longer pants if you live somewhere that’s cold.

Bball player


Basketball player is pretty similar to the boxer, but you don’t need a robe and you can just wear a headband with your sports bra and athletic shorts.

Army Girl


For army girl, you just need a camo shirt and eye black. You can wear it with black jeans and combat boots. If you don’t have a camo shirt, you can wear all black and use a camo bandana instead.

Police Officer


For this look, you really just need a police hat. Handcuffs can be pretty cheap too. You can carry a whistle with you as well. Anything black you want to wear would work. It could be a dress or a black shirt and shorts or jeans.

Baseball Player


This one would be the easiest to get from your closet. Any baseball tee would work. You can pair it with a baseball cap and high socks. You can either wear it with spandex or leggings, depending on the weather.

Super Hero


Honestly, if you just wear a shirt with a logo people will pretty much get the idea. The cape is optional. High socks are always cute too.


Image result for galaxy leggingsImage result for two bunsImage result for alien makeup

This one has been really popular this year. All you need is some galaxy leggings and a cute top. Wear your hair in two buns, and add some alien makeup. This could be as easy as putting some white  dots  on your face and adding some green lipstick, it’s totally up  to you!



I had to at least mention the obvious one. All you need to be an animal is some type of ears. You can always draw on whiskers, and wear any solid color for clothing.


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