Rainy Day Outfits


It’s been very rainy in Ithaca the past few days. Here are the three water-proof outfits I wore this week.


It was really cold this day, so I had to pull out the sweaters. This is one of my favorites. It has a lot of fabric at the top that looks almost like a scarf, and it’s really comfortable. The jeans  looked like ripped jeans, but there is a darker fabric underneath, so you won’t get cold wearing these. I’m wearing them with army green shoes to match the jacket.

rainy outfit 4.jpg

The second day, I decided to wear my green rainboots. I wore them with floral leggings and a flowy black top. I like to wear lose tops with leggings to balance out outfits. I stuck to darker colors to go with fall, but wanted to pick something that would go with the color of the boots.


The third day, I kept it simple with this all black look. I’m wearing my favorite high-waisted black jeans with a long sleeve black crop top. It’s really simple, but I love the way it comes together. I’m wearing the same shoes and jacket from the first look. If I had brighter shoes to wear with this look, I would definitely wear those to contrast with the black.

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