Holiday Makeup Routine

Hey guys! I recently went to a Christmas party, so I decided to film myself getting ready. This is a step by step of the products I used. I love the way this holiday look came out.


I started with the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation that I purchased from Sephora. They recommend this brand for people with oily skin. It’s a lot  thicker then the Loreal foundation I used to use. It’s medium to full coverage, the more you  put on the more coverage you’ll have. I like that it’s buildable.p1050976

I used a medium sized brush to apply it all over my face, and used more foundation in areas where I  had dark spots.


Next, I used Loreal concealer to brighten up my face.I put it under my eyes, on my chin, on my forehead, and under my cheekbone.p1050982

I used a beauty blender to blend in the concealer.


Next, I used the MakeupForever Pro Finish powder. I love this powder. It gives my makeup a finished look and sets everything in place. It also looks really natural.


I used a big brush to apply the powder. I think that a big brush is the easiest way to apply powder.


To contour, I used MAC StudioFix powder in a color a few shades darker then my skin tone. I’ve been loving this product.


I used a wide skinny brush that I bought from Target. I like to contour my cheekbone whenever I’m doing my makeup.


Next, I used a highlighter from TopShop. It’s gold and has a lot of shimmer  to it.


I used the same skinny brush  to apply the highlight on my cheeks and my nose.


To do my eyebrows, I started by brushing them out. I got them threaded recently, so they’re a good shape right now.


I used a small, skinny brush to fill in my eyebrows. I go with the natural shape on them, and just make them look more full.


I usually use a natural color in my crease. I like a shade that is slightly pin because it goes well with my skin tone. p1060006

Next, I used the color sin from the Naked pallet from Urban Decay to highlight under my eyebrows. It’s light, and has a lot of shimmer to it which I love.


I use it under my eyebrow and on the inner corner of my eye to make me look more awake.


I used  the Covergirl Goldens pallet from my eyeshadow. I wanted to do a golden eye for the holiday look.



Of course, I used a  bright red lipstick for my Holiday look.


I winged my eyeliner using my Revlon liquid eyeliner. I think that a sharp, liquid liner glides on the easiest for a cat eye.


I used Ardelli lashes for this look. You can get them at any drugstore, and they look really natural and feel comfortable. They’re as good as any expensive eyelashes that you’ll find.


Here’s  the  finished look! Gold eyes and red lipstick for the holidays. Hope this was  helpful!


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